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Our Winery

Since the 2019 vintage, we have been producing our own bottles of wine (red, white and rosé), selecting the best grapes from the vineyards of our family estate.

To meet the specifications of the AOP Bordeaux and the IGP Atlantique, we have acquired an existing winery. Significant work has been done inside to modernize and expand the cellar, which can now accommodate up to 33,500 hectoliters of wine. Equipped with temperature-controlled stainless-steel tanks and most advanced oenological tools. This functional winery allows us to enhance the grapes from the Estate vineyards and optimize the quality of our wines.


We call on Florent Niautou, our consultant-oenologist, to assist us in the best winemaking practices and blending. We enjoy making wines that reflect the beautiful terroir on which grapes are grown. Our keywords to describe the fine-dining wines we produce are: fresh fruit, generosity and balance.

Florent Niautou

Hubert de Boüard / Philippe Nunes

We can also count on the valuable advice of wine experts, especially the team members of Hubert de Boüard Consulting, with Hubert de Boüard himself and Philippe Nunes, renowned oenologists in Bordeaux.

These oenologists assist us and advise us on a regular basis, throughout the year, during the different steps of production. We benefit from their experience and expertise to make the best decisions. In the vineyard, they help us to better manage our cultural practices and choose the ideal dates for the harvest. In the winery, they give us advice for the best winemaking practices and the best oenological choices, especially when it comes to blending, to ensure the balance of our wines are perfect.


For the red wines, the clusters are meticulously picked, de-stemmed on the plot and then crushed when they arrive at the winery. Each grape variety is vinified separately. The alcoholic and malolactic fermentations take place in temperature-controlled stainless-steel tanks to optimize the extraction of color, fruit aromas and tannins. After the fermentations, the wines are drained, and the press wines are obtained by delicate pneumatic pressing. We age some of our wines in contact with oak: depending on the wine profile, they can age in contact with chips, staves, or French oak barrels; for different periods, depending on the cuvées and the characteristics of the vintage. The objective of the final blend is to obtain medium-body wines, fruity and generous, structured, and delicate, where the fruit expresses itself in all its fullness, with well-integrated tannins and a subtle oaky finish.

For white and rosé wines, the clusters are meticulously harvested by night to benefit from cooler temperatures, optimizing the quality of the juices. A very delicate pneumatic pressing is completed as soon as the grapes arrive at the winery. The alcoholic fermentation takes place in temperature-controlled stainless-steel tanks to preserve the freshness and the fruit aromas in the wines. The objective of blending is to obtain subtle and crisp wines, with a good balance between acidity and fresh fruit.

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