Our Heritage

Our Values


We value the importance of being surrounded by family. Our success is based on our family values: humility, hard work, perseverance. We are committed to continue the tradition of passing these values down to our future generations, as the foundation of our family.


Our vineyard is the center of our lives. Our work excites us, the experience and expertise acquired over time allow us to master our farming and wine growing methods to produce the highest-quality grapes. We also manage a full-service vineyard-management company (called SARL TVM), offering meticulous and qualitative services to our clients.


Our estate is HVE-certified (High Environmental Value), a testimony to our family’s commitment to sustainable agriculture. Through environmental preservation practices, we are planning for the future of our precious land for many years to come. We are currently working on a new agroforestry project named “Closerie Vitis Arbor”: we have planted 4 hectares of vines (10 acres) with fruit trees among them. The vines are grown biodynamically, with animal power and no chemical input, according to the principles of agroecology.


We are proud to work with a loyal and dedicated team. Our employees actively participate in the achievement of our projects and objectives. They have embarked with us on this adventure, that we all intend to carry out, in order to offer you fine wines, fruity and generous. It is a story of human beings and sharing. Wine unites friends and family. It promotes conviviality and sociability.